Bear your responsibility of alerting people and rescue forces in emergencies and disaster situations with a good feeling. For over 65 years, our outdoor mass notification systems have been in operation successfully and reliably.



Our quality and expertise convince our customers and are the foundation for long-term, trustful business relationships. The people of SONNENBURG group see themselves as your reliable partner. 

We successfully supply governmental authorities, industrial enterprises, fire brigades, rescue forces and other associations worldwide with single sirens or nationwide mass warning systems.

Ask for our projects, we are looking forward to consulting you!

Governmental institutions & authorities

GERMANY. With more than 60.000 devices, we are the market leader of siren remote control receivers. Up to 2011 SONNENBURG Electronic AG delivered more than 600 electronic sirens to governmental authorities. The projects include mainly the replacement of E57 motor sirens with more economic electronic sirens.

BELGIUM. Establishment of a nationwidealert notification system with continous upgrading of functions. Equipment of Belgium with more than 650 electronic sirens, including the crosslinking of 12 siren control centres. Distincitve feature is the alerting of hearing impaired people via text messages. Nationwide performance test in 2011: 99,48% functionality of our electronic sirens!

FRANCE. Delivery of more than 100 electronic sirens. Embedding into consisting alerting systems as well as embedding of anemometers and data displaying at the control centre of the mass warning system.

SWITZERLAND. Our affiliate, SONNENBURG SWISS AG, is one of the four accredited siren manufacturers of Switzerland. Up to now, more than 400 electronic sirens have been delivered into the Swiss Alps region. METAS, the Swiss certification institution acknowledged us highest sound pressure levels in comparison to other siren suppliers.

SLOVENIA. Nationwide mass warning systems, including a landslide warning tool. Continuing project of the nationwide equipment with 1,500 electronic sirens of which 700 sirens are already delivered (up to 2011). The sirens are cross-linked  to 14 siren control centres via DMR radio. The distinctive feature of this project is the implementation of a landslide warning tool with additional traffic light pre-emption.

MIDDLE EAST. Supply of more than 100 solar sirens for flood alerting systems. Even in extreme environmental conditions our sirens are working in a faultless, perfect manner. Electric power supply is independent, self-sufficient. The siren control is made via 12 siren control centres.

RUSSIA. Faultless function under extreme environmental impacts. Supply of more than 250 electronic  sirens and embedding in an existing system of control centres. Radio transmitting is made via a trunking system.

Military.  Our electronic outdoor mass warning systems are placed at army sites and base camps to guarantee the safety of soldiers and the surrounding inhabitants in various countries.


You want to alert your staff in case of a disaster or you are in need for outdoor or indoors loudspeaker announcements? Ask us, we voluntarily develop a customer specific alert system, which sounds wounderful!

Fire brigades & rescue services

Since the 1970s, we deliver single sirens or siren groups to European fire brigades and rescue services, Hardware and software included. According to customer requirements and specifications we adjust the siren to external conditions such as the site geology, climate and environmental noise. We consider building density (rural area, residential area or cities) and calculate the required sound propagation. Especially for local authorities and fire brigades we recommend the replacement of old E57 motor sirens with cost-efficient electronic sirens.

Other application possibilities

Our modern, electronic sirens are applicable in many ways. They can be used not only for alerting but for communication purposes as well, due to their equipment with live voice and memory voice option. For this reason, our electronic sirens can be found even at golf course areas.


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