The PCU-1 microphone is a sturdy gooseneck desktop microphone with a talk button. PCU stands for "Paging Control Unit". The microphone amplifier with dynamic compressor is used to control the radio system in order to make a voice announcement via the control center.

An integrated codec with dynamic compressor suppresses interference factors and amplifies the signal of the voice announcement. 

The PCU-1 is the successor of the MIKO-23 and offers the advantage that audio lines are no longer required between the microphone and the radio system. The transmission is done via a USB interface.

Advantages & Functions

  • Power supply and data transmission via a single cable (USB interface)
  • Plug & Play capable Windows recording device 
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio due to 16-bit analog/digital converter
  • Digital high-pass filter prevents overdriving of the siren amplifier in the low frequency range
  • Dynamic processor amplifies the speech signal
  • Integrated sound card for voice recording
  • Ergonomic gooseneck