Microprocessor-controlled module for analyzing and using data telegrams via a DMR IP network. 

The microcontroller of the module communicates with the DMR radio via a USB interface. The commands are forwarded to the UP98 board's processor via a siren-internal bus system.

Advantages and functions

  • Compatibility: For controlling Motorola DMR radios (DM 3400/DM 3600/DM 4400/DM 4600).
  • Usage: For communication between an SES-XXX and a central station via DMR radio.
  • Economical: Extremely low power consumption, power supply directly from the siren
  • Easy to use: Speak directly to the siren without detours using the "Live Voice" option
  • Expandable: Feed in additional signals (e.g. from voice memory)
  • Constant volume: a control amplifier keeps the volume constant during announcements