Electronic sirens are gaining ground due to their low power consumption, low maintenance, variable siren signals and playback of voice memories. They are modular in different variations and can be supplied in different power levels. Made in BAVARIA

Sit back and benefit from our decades of experience and competence, because our alarm systems convince through:

Location independence

  • optional solar operation (battery charging via solar panels), as no power grid is required for operation

cost-effective operation

  • low power consumption, high efficiency

different design and power variants with high efficiency dB/W

  •     circular or directional sound radiation, 300 - 4800 Watt

flexible alerting

  •     various activation options, variable siren signals with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) or voice messages, e.g. live, from voice memory or combined

durable, low-maintenance equipment

  •     seawater-resistant aluminum, no moving parts due to electronic signal generation, etc.

Further advantages:

  • Power control of the siren signal
  • Compensation of changes in battery voltage and speaker impedance
  • Short circuit test
  • Overtemperature monitoring
  • Silent test of loudspeaker systems
  • Automatic system test
  • Status displays
  • Microprocessor-controlled function monitoring by system
  • Service program for on-site diagnosis
  • Two batteries
  • Output power 600 W True RMS per amplifier