The AE-100A is a completely independent alarming device and is used for triggering and managing smaller siren systems. It has all the elementary functions of a large control center and is used in the alarming systems designed by SONNENBURG Electronic AG (SES electronic sirens, LSR 145 control center software, FUA-COMP, etc.) as a fallback level or as an additional alarming device. 

The device is fully integrated into the network system and can take over all elementary functions of the control center software in case of failure of the control center computer.


Advantages & functions:

Easy handling

  • Touch screen monitor for easy operation of the software. Mouse and keyboard can be connected if desired

More security

  • Ensures alarming even during a power failure or if the control center software fails
  • Pin Lock to lock the user interface of the device

Voice announcements

  • Choose between live voice announcements or announcements from the voice memory

Small and compact

  • Only 191 X 127 X 43 mm in size and weighs less than 2 kg
  • 7" LCD size