CR-410-ASE / CR-710-ASE

The CR-410-ASE (4m range) and CR-710-ASE (70cm range) analog siren control receivers are fixed receiver radio systems for remote control purposes in systems with analog radio alerting.

They contain an RF receiver for a fixed receive frequency.

The CR-410-ASE is intended for BOS applications. The evaluation is carried out according to the coding according to the technical BOS "devices for radio alerting".

Advantages & Functions

  • For the transmission of the telecontrol signals the single tone sequence system of group D according to 9.4 DIN 45012 and the double tone continuous call system according to 5.2.13 DIN 45012 are used
  • The sensitive evaluation of the data is achieved by a special hardware and software filtering of the received data
  •  Up to 20 call addresses and 6 siren programs are possible
  • Alarm storage and blocking time are freely programmable
  • Two inputs for an external fire alarm are available (1 x 230 VAC, 1 x 24 VDC)
  • The receivers comply with the VDE regulations, the ETS guidelines 300341 and are BOS-tested


The design of the device ensures safe operation even under unfavorable operating conditions.
All functions are controlled by a modern RISC processor.
The individual modules are mounted on a metal plate, which is also used as an RF counterweight for any plug-on antenna that may be used.
The compact design allows a very easy installation and maintenance of the device. A service program is available for configuration and troubleshooting.