Your partner for electronic sirens and alerting technology

We are a manufacturer of comprehensive alerting and population warning systems based in Eggenfelden, Lower Bavaria. Our core products include electronic sirens as well as analog and digital siren control receivers. Our clientele includes domestic customers as well as the entire European and worldwide economic area.

Alarm systems from SONNENBURG Electronic AG have been proving their worth for more than half a century, and we are active in 25 countries worldwide. Perfection in development and the highest standards far beyond the technical guidelines are the basis for absolute reliability, even under the most extreme operating conditions.

SONNENBURG alarm systems help to save human lives and prevent major damage and losses in the event of fires, chemical accidents, smog, radioactivity, tidal waves, floods, storms, riots or warlike events.

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Our sirens can also be powered by solar energy. Further advantages are:
➜ Independence from the power grid:

- Topographically best possible placement possible
- No cable trench for power supply line is required for mast systems
➜ Life cycle assessment:

Solar-powered systems make a significant contribution to protecting the environment:

- Low pollutant
- Recyclable
➜ Self-sufficient power supply:

The solar panel generates sufficient power while charging the battery storage, so there is no outage in case of bad weather or a disaster.
➜ No follow-up costs
➜ Future-oriented



Modular siren control receiver

Siren control of siren in analog and digital BOS radio network.

The modular TETRA siren control receiver (mTSE) integrates analog as well as digital POCSAG radio switching receivers into the digital environment and thus enables the changeover to digital BOS alerting.

It fulfills the requirements of the special promotion program digital radio of the Free State of Bavaria, as well as the operational requirements for function and safety of the Authorized Body Bavaria (AS-BY).

We take care of the design and installation of the siren control receiver, including delivery of the TEA2-TETRA terminal and full service.


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