The Sonnenburg Siren Control Center offers our customers a complete solution for their siren alerting. The sirens are controlled and managed by the PC-SOFTWARE LSR-145, which is operated by a user in the rescue control center.

All alerting objects (sirens, sensors, etc.) are registered in a topographic map. The operator can select all sirens registered in the system on the map and use the full functionality of the control center.


Advantages & functions

Everything at a glance

  • Flexible multi-monitor system that allows you to keep an eye on all relevant data at the same time

Manage settings centrally

  • LSR145 offers you flexible and detailed setting options to adapt to the needs of the system

Individual user levels

  • Different user levels that allow you to assign individual user rights for each person in the system.

Fast alerting

  • Possibility to select predefined alarm groups to speed up the alarming process


  • automatic logging of all important events in the system log file (for monitoring central activities: Alarm triggered, status requests, database changes, central start/end...).


Structure of the system

The general structure of the system corresponds to the concept of cross-device networking, i.e. all devices can interact with each other. The focus is on the central PC, which is connected to the so-called "FUA" via an Ethernet connection. The stationary radio system represents a gateway access, which controls the conversion of the network signal sent out by the central PC into a radio network.

It is also possible to equip the FUA with a GSM module instead of a radio, which makes it possible to transmit data to the siren via an existing GSM network.

In case of a defective control panel, it is possible to fall back on our backup system AE-100A. This backup system allows the user to use the basic alarming and status query functions of a PC control panel even in an emergency, so that an emergency supply is guaranteed in the event of an alarm.