Alerting portal and App

SONNENBURG ALERTING is an effective and reliable additional alarm, ideal for quickly notifying large groups of people via SMS, call, email or push message.
Messages can be sent directly via the app, the browser or simply via SMS, regardless of the end device.

Create individual or predefined alarm texts to be able to alert even faster and/or plan individual switching times, e.g. for test alarms or training missions. Always keep track of your monthly expenses, receive strength reports, so that you know promptly how many people are expected at the scene. The possibilities of our SONNENBURG ALERTING are versatile, the initial setup is fast and uncomplicated!


Advantages & functions:

  • Alarm creation: creation of individual or predefined alarm texts. Alarms are created with a unique keyword, any subscribers and/or subscriber groups are added as recipients. The alarm can be triggered by a participant authorized to alarm sending an SMS with the organization keyword (set during registration) and the alarm keyword to one of the two input numbers
  • Subscriber groups: Creation of subscriber groups for faster alerting of selected groups of people.
  • Switchover times: Planning option for individual switchover times, e.g. for test alarms, training operations or shift changes. Flexible setup of automated alarm triggers
  • Evaluate logbook and statistics: All events are recorded in the logbook to get an exact overview of the situation at any time. Furthermore, statistics on sent messages as well as the costs of the current month can be queried.
  • Get strength reports: Within a short time an exact insight about the strength on site can be obtained (name of the participant, GSM number, number of participants and percentage evaluation of the participant strength).


For more information visit our SONNENBURG ALARMING PORTAL