The CR-220-DSE digital telecontrol receiver is a fixed receive radio system for telecontrol purposes in systems with digital radio alerting.
They contain an RF receiver for a fixed receiving frequency and a demodulator for DFSK modulation. The radio paging code No. 1 (POCSAG) is used to transmit the telecontrol signals. The evaluation is carried out according to the coding in accordance with the BOS technical guideline "Equipment for digital radio alerting".


In addition to the siren control receiver, the device can be equipped with 128-bit DiCal IDEATM encryption to prevent false triggering or sabotage. The device has an integrated GSM module for active feedback. Thus, the receipt of the switching command or the activation of a siren can be sent back to the control center.

Advantages & functions

  • The channel raster is 20 kHz resp. 12.5 kHz
  • The evaluation sensitivity is better than < 0.3 µV Ua
  • The baud rate can be selected between 512 bit/s and 1200 bit/s
  • Up to 20 call addresses and four siren programs are possible
  • Alarm storage and blocking time, as well as customer-specific siren clocks are programmable
  • Inputs for external fire alarms are available (1 x 230 VAC, 1 x 24 VDC)
  • The receivers comply with VDE regulations, ETS guidelines 300341 and are BOS-tested


The design of the device ensures safe company operation even under unfavorable operating conditions. All functions are controlled by a modern RISC processor, which also handles the decoding of the POCSAG data stream. 

The individual modules are mounted on a metal plate. This is also used as an RF counterweight for any plug-on antenna that may be used. 

The compact design allows a very easy installation and maintenance of the device. A service program is available for configuration and troubleshooting.