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Our product range varies from single sirens to whole
mass warning systems, including the respective
accessory equipment.

Our products

AE-100A Alert device

AE-100A Alert device

The system component AE-100A is used as a backup system or as additional alarming device for SONNENBURG Electronic warning systems (electronic sirens SES, control centre software LSR-145, FUA-COMP etc.). The device is completely integrated in the network system and is able to manage all elementary functions of the control centre software in case of a control centre failure.

The S 2000/XXX is a selective call decoder with an optional double tone generator that can be connected to radios. It is often used for the alert of fire brigades and emergency services. However, it can be used for other different applications e.g. for industrial purposes. The alert signal decoder of the S 2000 series complies with the requirements of "TR BOS Alarmgeber Baustufe I, II, III und IV".


Advantages AE-100A

The AE-100A can be used for triggering alerts without the necessity of control centre PC access. Through that continuous safety in case of emergency is guaranteed.

easy handling

  • without mouse and keyboard via touch screen

more security

  • guarantees alerting even in case of a power failure or a failure of the control centre software

small and compact

  • only 226 x 140 x 40.18 mm tall and is therefore small and convenient to carry


Advantages S 2000 series

The alert signal decoder of the S 2000 series offer, as well as the AE-100A, the possibility to alert safely even in case of a PC failure in the control centre. In addition, the S 2000/XXX have following advantages:

regulated via micro processor

  • micro processor based alert device for the generation of 5 tone selektive calls according to ZVEI or CCIR norm

siren programs

  • program "fire" is already installed
  • four further programs are possible as an option
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