ATEX sirens are complying with ATEX applications, e.g. they are especially constructed for the use in explosion endangered areas. They offer mains-independent battery operation over a long period of time and an output power of 40 W True RMS per speaker.

The siren is available in following versions:

- SES-300-180-ATEX
- SES-300-0-2L-ATEX
- SES-300-0-ATEX

Advantages & Functions

  • Modular system
  • Variable siren signals with DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
  • Extremely high efficiency dB/W
  • Power control of the siren signal
  • Compensation of changes in battery voltage and loudspeaker impedance
  • Short-circuit proof
  • Overtemperature monitoring
  • Silent test of loudspeaker systems
  • Automatic system test
  • Status displays
  • Microprocessor-controlled function monitoring by system
  • Service program for on-site diagnosis
  • Network independent battery operation over long periods
  • power output RMS: 40 W True RMS per amplifier

Technical details


Sound pressure level in dB(A)
at a distance of 30 m
103 - 126 dB(A) resp. 119,8 - 126,8 dB(C)*
Base frequency415 Hz
Number of acoustic radiators2
Air Humidity0% - 100%


Acoustic radiators

Acoustic radiators made ofMaterial ALSi7Mg0,35F - seawater resistant aluminium alloy
Temperature range-50°C to+ 70°C
Set of screwsV2A
Total weight16,7 - 24,9 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D)180°: 830 x 746x 160 mm
360°: 630 x 1250 x 280 mm
0°-2L: 630 x 746x 280mm

Control unit

Number of power amplifiers1
Power output RMS2 x 40 W *
Mains voltage230 VAC 
Power consumption in standby mode3,5 VA
Power consumption during battery charging93 W
Number of potential free inputs3 + 5 optional
Number of potential free outputsoptional 2 potential-free outputs for sum fault and alarm active max. 24 V / 100 mA
Status identification via service interfaceall status messages can be displayed via a service program at the service interface
Battery voltage / capacity (C20) 24 V / 24 Ah
Battery capacity12 days with  20 alarms of 1 min. each
Temperature range electronics-40°C to+ 70°C
Temperature range batteries-25°C to+ 60°C
Type of protectionIP 66 according to EN 60 529, NEMA 4 compliant
Cabinet dimenstions (W x H x D)600 x 600 x 300 mm
Weight64 kg
ColorRAL 7035